Close-Up of Charon

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Close-Up of Charon.

카론의 근접 사진.

This image of an area on Pluto's largest moon Charon has a captivating feature?a depression with a peak in the middle, shown here in the upper left corner of the inset. The image shows an area approximately 240 miles (390 kilometers) from top to bottom, including few visible craters. 

The image was taken at approximately 10:30 (UTC) on July 14, 2015, about 1.5 hours before closest approach to Pluto, from a range of 79,000 kilometers.

카론의 근접 사진.

이 사진은 뉴 허라이즌스 호가 명왕성으로부터 약 77,000 km 떨어진 거리에서 최접근 1.5시간 전에 촬영한 사진입니다. 

Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute.

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