Rosetta's last image

Comet News 2016. 10. 1. 03:34 |

Rosetta's last image.
혜성 탐사선 로제타의 마지막 이미지.

67P 혜성의 표면으로부터 20m 높이에서 촬영한 혜성의 표면 사진.

Released 30/09/2016 1:48 pm UTC


Rosetta's last image of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, taken with the OSIRIS wide-angle camera shortly before impact, at an estimated altitude of about 20 m above the surface.

The initially reported 51 m was based on the predicted impact time. Now that this has been confirmed, and following additional information and timeline reconstruction, the estimated distance is now thought to be around 20 metres, and analysis is ongoing

The image scale is about 5 mm/pixel and the image measures about 2.4 m across.

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