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  1. 2018.11.27 위르타넨 (46P/Wirtanen) 혜성의 광도 곡선

위르타넨 (46P/Wirtanen) 혜성의 광도 곡선.

업데이트: 2018년 11월 26일.

12월 중순에 3~4등급까지 밝아질 것으로 예상되는 위르타넨 혜성.
예상대로 밝기가 점점 밝아지고 있습니다.

Lightcurve of comet Wirtanen (colored dots), compiled from observations reported to the Minor Planet Center(solid circles) and the Comet Observer's Database (open circles). Predicted magnitudes are current estimates from sources using different techniques, and have a wide variability. These will be updated as more recent observations help in constraining the projections. 

Credit: Jose Pablo Navarro Pina, Yoshida, MPC.

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